Yesterday we were kindly gifted a bag of edibles and, man, were those things strong.

Edibles are always pretty tricky to get right, you either end up dead tired, totally loopy, or unable to move.

Last night was a combination of all three.

All day yesterday I had planned to make banana bread from this recipe which turned out DELICIOUS (I even topped it with a cream cheese frosting made with honey, vanilla, almond butter, and a splash of drinkable yogurt. Like a rustic, super moist, paleo (I think?) hummingbird cake.

Anyway, the edible hit right after dinner (which was spicy lime garlic shrimp with even spicier edamame) and I was dying for a slice of that cake.

One slice turned to a second.

Then a third.

Then a couple of bites as I was wrapping it up.

Followed by a midnight sleepwalking session to eat some Airheads X-Tremes Sourfuls as I sat on the toilet. Not my highest moment.

I love weed. I love getting high. But sometimes the overeating that comes along with getting stoney isn’t worth the little bit of shame and pit-of-the-stomach guilt I feel the next day from going overboard.

The cake was so good in the moment. And the 2.5 moments afterwards that followed. But this morning when I brought the cake into work and tried it with tired eyes and a sober tongue, it honestly wasn’t even that good. It wasn’t even remotely close to the pleasure I got to experience while eating it high off my ass.

So the question with edibles, weed, weed pens, etc. is: are the munchies worth the squeeze? Trying to figure out if this means I need to stop getting so gosh darn high all the time or if I need to make my stoney indulgence something more like a couple cans of Mango La Croix.

To munch or not to munch, that is the question.

In short: the edible was not worth it šŸ‘ŽšŸ½

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